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Before meeting we traded a couple messages to set the day and time. Her site portrays dreams; she's extremely liberal on that subject, so I offered a few my own. She was into them. Since we had never met, or spoken, I drew up a circumstance I called Blind Faith. In this situation I depicted meeting her with a blindfold on.

When we set the date she said she would leave a scarf for me in the restroom. The scene was set! I arrived and as depicted in the dream, I slipped into the lavatory without seeing her, or listening to her voice. I cleared out a gift close to the sink, removed my shoes and socks.

Since I had showered before arriving I flushed my mouth and tied the scarf around my head. I could see nothing. I opened the entryway and Chloe drove me to a seat by my hand. She whispered hot and hot things to me as she gradually kissed my face and mouth. Before sitting she expelled my garments, instructed me to take a seat and sat on my leg with her arms over my shoulders.

She permitted my hands to wander over her. I could feel her tight dress and long hair. I lifted the dress over her hips so I could feel her ideal little ass and delicately touch her shaved pussy. Her delicate groans of delight were driving me wild.
by Darren, from Romford | Written on 2021-06-02
So as I said, she answered to my missed call. She let me know she was occupied with a customer which I thoroughly get it. She gave me the going rate and I acknowledged, I needed to see her immediately since I didn't avoid where she was at.

She sent me the location and I was headed. It's a private, I live around the zone so I'm utilized to it however some ppl may see it as ghetto so be cautioned. Stopping is elusive too, little road. When I stopped I called her and she instructed me to walk right in. It's a house in the back so I strolled the distance to the back and saw my way in.

She invited me in and drove me to the room and that is the place the fun begins. Only a FYI, the house general is chaotic however I couldn't care less the length of I get what I sought. Her room was cleaner than whatever is left of the house so that is an or more. She instructed me to unwind and lay on the quaint little inn I did.

She laid me on the edge of the bed while she sat on a footrest. She lifted my legs onto her shoulders and my that position is so bravo sucking me up. Damn she doesn't mess around. She was going quite quick however not very quick like in a surge, she took as much time as is needed yet she was down and messy with it which is a turn on.
by Robert, from London | Written on 2021-05-27
I got the chance to meet with this lovely lady before the shutdowns occurred and it was an experience that I am still thinking about on a daily basis. She was attentive, intuitive and an absolute blast to hang out with.

        I was glad that we were both in town on the same day because she was the one who had caught my eye the most when I first decided to contact this agency. There are so many agencies that will try to steer you away from the escorts that you actually want but there was none of that here.

        My needs were met and my potential concerns were addressed before they had a chance to become more glaring. I’m not sure when I will be back again but I will definitely be scheduling a repeat visit as soon as I have the dates nailed down. It’s an absolute must.
by Samo, from Tooting | Written on 2020-07-24
Watching my London Escort undress was great, getting to see just a little bit more Escorts in London each second. Cheap Escort London does some modeling and some dancing, and obviously some working out. Those curves were incredible! Once we were naked and comfortable London Escorts started with a blowjob while I rubbed around that spectacular ass and the rest of Escorts’ in London body. Damn what a body!

The blowjob was a bit quicker than I would have liked but I was ready to go. We started it off in cowgirl, I figured I'd let Escorts’ in London do the work at first because I knew I would be putting work in later. She likes to keep you in close to grind up on you while you are inside, which is a nice change of pace from some of the pounding. After a while of that is what time to see what I came for. Into doggie we went and damn that ass. I'm not sure how many different variations of doggie we went through but it was quite a bit. Afterwards London Escorts cleaned me off and we laid on the bed naked for a bit and talked some more.
by Rado, from Slough | Written on 2017-07-16
The first time I used the services of an escort and I can say that for sure we will next time. I met with Pammy, because I really like this appetizing brunette with a hot body and this type of beauty. She amazed me with her way of being, because she is very friendly, smiling, also free in what she does, but at the same time she is also devilishly sexy and has a huge sex appeal, so I could not resist and immediately went to the point. Pammy is excellent at what she does and knows how to please a man right away.
by Larry, from South London | Written on 2016-04-09
I love girls like Aneta and I love them even more when they can offer me sexy moments during the role-play. She is a very open and friendly girl who is ready for the wishes of her clients and approaches them with enthusiasm and passion. This caused that Aneta fulfilled my dreams, and with her I could play really well, because she does not have any restrictions on giving her customers delight. I must say that at this she is just as beautiful as the pictures in the gallery. I highly recommend a date with Aneta!
by David, from UK | Written on 2016-03-13
Electra is a girl who deserves special attention. She is really beautiful and exciting, talented and at the same time very relaxed at what she does. I was very tired after work and needed female companionship, so I chose an escort and she did not disappoint my expectations. She came to me on time and from the very threshold she charmed me with her lovely person and also delighted with her appearance, because she is more beautiful than the pictures. My meeting with the Electra was completely successful and the quality of service is very high.
by Jack, from North London | Written on 2015-11-16
Andrea is a young, cheerful and friendly girl who was immediately able to satisfy me as her client. She is very energetic, passionate, has a great body and a bewitching smile. With her I could play really well, because she gave me everything I needed, and from the first date. Our meeting was very successful and I definitely want to repeat it. She is very dedicated to her work and knows how to offer customers the best fun while dating. I recommend meeting with Andrea, she is very hot, so I advise you to be careful!
by Bill, from Wood Green | Written on 2015-11-11
I've always dreamed about meeting with the two girls at the same time and the opportunity was given me by Daniella and Ruby. These two little vixens know how to give a man full satisfaction. They are really hot and exceptional and create a wonderful duet. Their hot bodies fit together perfectly, and they do not have at the same time restrictions in giving their customers complete satisfaction, because they are very open to different experiences and with them you can spend some sexy time behind closed doors. Anyway, I was very pleased with their quality of service.
by Stephen, from Germany | Written on 2014-03-12